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Meet Melodie Ramone

Hello, You Beautiful People, and welcome to my site! While it's still an example of Art in Progress, I do hope you enjoy your visit. 

Feel free to check out my blog, my book page and my About Melodie page. As well, feel free to contact me if you're wanting to chat, ask a question, or just want to say hello! if there's anybody wanting an interview or a copy of After Forever Ends for review, drop me a line as well. There's a Contact page here on the site. Or you can hit me up on Twitter. I'm @Melodie_Ramone. 

What else...what else? Oh! After Forever Ends is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. There are links on this site to order it as well, but some people have had problems with the download process, so I'm not too proud to say you might want to get it from the Big Guys. 

And for now, that's about it! Thanks to everybody who's checked out After Forever Ends and thanks to all of you who are going to. I'm getting great reviews on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as Goodreads, so...I guess the sky's the limit now!